Kids' Auction Sign-Up Parties

Kids' Auction Sign-Up Parties

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Mad Potter Party for Kindergarten Girls

Red, orange, green, and blue!  Let’s paint pottery and have fun, too!  The Kinder Girls will join friends to create colorful masterpieces and enjoy light bites at The Mad Potter.  You don’t want to miss the madness!  Please dress for a mess!

Date: Friday, March 22, 2019, 3:30 – 5:00 pm
Limited to 25 girls at $50/spot
Hosted by Lindsay Mousoudakis, Nathalie Stewart, Kelsey Talbert and Jaclyn Wedemeyer


Bubbles! Chalk! Ice Pops! Fun!

Come play on the HCE hardtop after school with your friends and the Kindergarten Krew.  Your Kindergartner won't want to miss out on all of the giggles and fun! 

Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Limited to 35 students at $35 each

Donated by The Kindergarten Krew

First Grade PJ Pancake Party

Immediately after school, change into your favorite jammies and grab your cuddly pillow for an afternoon non-slumber party.  We will eat yummy pancakes, play games and watch a movie on a big screen.  This is guaranteed not to be a snoozer!

Date:  Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Limited to 40 students at $35 each

Donated by The Fun First Crew


Amazing Race Party for Fourth Grade Girls
Get ready, get set, GO! The HCE Amazing Race is on! This year, the Fourth Grade Girls will team up to compete in challenges, obstacles, games, and more. The boys loved this party in the past, and the girls will love it, too! Location TBD.
Date: Sunday in March or April 2019 – exact date TBD
Limited to 15 girls at $50/spot
Hosted by Katie Clark, Kendle Dardis, Stacy Hardison, Ann Staley and Claudia Varady


Scavenger Hunt Adventure Party for Fifth Grade Girls

Calling all Fifth Grade Girls in search of an adventure! Jet around the Memorial area with your team and your own personal chauffeur (a host parent), solving clues to figure out your next destination. Expect surprises along the way! Winning teams will be rewarded, but all will have a great time! Sign up your

sleuth for an afternoon of fun.

Date: Spring 2019 – Exact Date TBD

Limited to 24 girls at $50/spot

Hosted by Kelley Annino, Sommer Blackburn, Jennifer Daly, Nicole Hodge, Chelsie Ramos and Anne Rappold


Fourth and Fifth Grade Team Scavenger Hunt Party with Ms. Snyder and Ms. Ratnala

Grab your thinking cap and running shoes and join Ms. Snyder and Ms. Ratnala for the second annual school wide SCAVENGER HUNT.  Sign up as an individual and plan to make your team of three later.  The participants must be enrolled in Fourth or Fifth Grades.  Prizes will be given to teams that finish in first, second and third places.  The more teams, the more fun, the more of a race it will be.  Snacks, fun and game provided by Ms. Snyder and Ms. Ratnala.  Got your clue?  Ready, set, GO!
Date:  Friday, March 1, 2019, 1:00 pm
Unlimited number of students in 4th & 5th grades at $35 each
Donated by Robye Snyder & Deana Ratnala

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